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"Why Wait?"

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Stand Ready brand Inverted Bottle Holder

* a safe and easy to use way of storing a bottle upside-down!

* time savings and convenience with contents of most bottled products ready to use!

* reduces waste ($$$) by getting the most out of the products you use everyday!

* reduces motion required for people with impairments (such as arthritis).

* saves energy by not having to wait for contents of a bottle (shampoo during a hot shower).

Stop “wait”! Stand Ready brand Inverted Bottle Holder has a patented compact (3" diameter x 3½" tall) design that fits neatly on a shower shelve or corner of the bathtub and makes an attractive kitchen accessory.

Fact: Stand Ready brand Inverted Bottle Holder is 100% made in the USA from recyclable plastic and the label is printed with environmentally friendly ink on paper that contains 50% recycled material.

Think about using Stand Ready brand Inverted Bottle Holder with your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair gel, hand lotion, ketchup, mustard, steak sauce, seafood sauce, barbecue sauce, honey, salad dressing, and pancake syrup bottles as well as wood glue, motor oil and car polish. 2 and 3 liter soda pop bottles hold their "fizz" longer when stored upside-down after opening.

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certainly a wonderful addition to anyone's home.”- Joy Loverde, Author of The Complete Eldercare Planner (Times Books)

It's awesome! One of those 'Why I didn't I think of that' products. - Lee M. - customer

I love Stand Ready! - Sarah B. - customer

Color: Almond, Price: $2.50 USD each + applicable tax, shipping & ehandling. Wait no more! Click here for ordering options.

* * Stand Ready brand Inverted Bottle Holder works with MOST bottles and is for use on flat, level and stationary surfaces ONLY! Secure bottle cap tightly. Capacity: 5 pounds.

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